God’s wish?

Lately I’ve been having dreams and thoughts of being a spokesperson to those who are survivors/victims of domestic abuse and/or mental illness. I figured I’d ignore it, but its been weeks that this same thought comes to mind.

Is this God telling me to do this? A part of me yearns to connect to others and make them feel worthy and valued despite whatever troubles ale them. Hmm. I’ll meditate on this.

It’s the little things 👌

I feel as though when you’re feeling your worst you should still emmit positivity any way you can for yourself. Even if its celebrating the little victories. It’s like your body/mind is a garden that is beginning to wilt. Will you let it decay into nothing or nurture it back to health.

I can’t express the importance of self care and compassion. 💖 I’m not 100% but I’m determined to flourish and press forward 👊